Virtual Classes and Workshops

Vira II

At this time when access to yoga is via the internet, we are all learning what it means to practice and teach yoga from home. On June 1, I begin two Gentle Yoga classes through my home studio via Zoom. On June 2 my 8-week series class, Yoga for Healthy Aging, begins through my home studio. I continue to teach a Classic Yoga class through the Serenity Yoga Studio in South Hadley.

Gentle Yoga 
Karen’s Home Studio

In this gentle one-hour class discover how meditation, pranayama and asana can bring you calm.  Soften and open as you move, breathe and focus. Relieve stress as you strengthen, balance and stretch.

Monday, 9-10 am
Thursday, 11 am-noon

To sign up for and connect to the class:
1) Sign up for a free Zoom account.

2) Pay for these classes through class cards or drop-in. For 10-class card–$110; 5-class card– $65.  Class cards expire 3 months from your first class. Drop-in, $15.  For all payments, please send your payment through PayPal to me at and indicate that you’re sending to a friend.

3) Sign up for class cards as soon as possible. For drop-ins, you must sign up at least an hour before class begins.

4) I will send you the Zoom meeting invitation, and you can enter the class as early as 30 minutes before. I will be available 15 minutes before. If you want to chat or have questions, come early. You must appear no later than 5 minutes before so that we can begin on time without distractions. Class will begin on time.

Yoga for Healthy Aging
Karen’s Home Studio

Tuesday, 9:30 to 10:45   (June 2 to July 21)
In this 8-week series:

  • learn about the powerful connections between yoga and healthy aging as you practice and share the experience with other older yogis
  • focus on actions, poses, sequences and variations that help you to be strong, flexible, balanced, agile and calm
  • refine your yoga practice in ways that safely support, engage and challenge you
  • integrate yoga practices more deeply and confidently into your life
  • enjoy reading and home practice opportunities.

There are no age limits to the benefits of yoga, which often deepen and expand as we get older. Yoga is one of the best ways to extend our healthspan, our years of staying healthy. If you are 50 or older and already have yoga experience, this class is for you.

This class meets via Zoom for 8 weeks, Tuesdays, 9:30 to 10:45, from June 2 to July 21.  $120 for series, early-bird rate $100 (available to May 27). Send your payment through PayPal to me at and indicate that you’re sending to a friend. Once I receive your payment, I will provide sign-up and other details. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Here’s what someone who took the class recently wrote:

“Karen’s  eight-week course, Yoga for Healthy Aging, was the right class for me, at the right time. Though I’d done yoga before, my practice had fallen by the wayside during a difficult couple of years of family caregiving. When I signed up for this course, I was 71 years old, rusty and stiff.

Karen guided each class with careful instruction, compassion, humor, and useful insights. She showed me, for example, how using blocks and straps could strengthen my practice. In the past, I realized, I’d considered props a crutch to avoid. I also learned the value of doing each pose more slowly and mindfully than I used to. And as someone who loves to read, I enjoyed the book, “Yoga for Healthy Aging,” that we read as we went along. Karen used our reading assignments to give each session a specific focus,  such as balance, upper body strength, or flexibility.

I think it’s true that yoga will always be there, waiting for you, when you return to it after a long time away, as I did. I also believe that I needed to find the right teacher to help me find my way back in. Karen was that teacher.”

Classic Yoga 
Serenity Yoga Studio

Wednesday, 9 to 10:15 am
A combination of sustained poses as well as poses flowing in a mindful progression with emphasis on core strength, flexibility and balance. This class is based on physical postures, deep breathing and mindfulness. This all-levels class builds strength, increases flexibility and stamina, and releases tension and stress.
Sign up through Serenity.