Into the Unknown

Throughout my life I have been cautious about making commitments, but once I make them I do not let go with ease. So resigning my Anusara-inspired status has come neither quickly nor easily. For eight years I have been committed to Anusara, to teaching its elegant and powerful method, to learning from its amazing and varied teachers and to being part of its vibrant community. It has taken me much time, thought and emotional struggle to accept that what I believed about Anusara as an organization and about John Friend as its leader was far from the truth. When I became aware of the revelations about John’s unethical personal and professional behavior, I concluded that in order for there to be an Anusara school of yoga, John would have to leave. I listened and waited, pleased with hopeful signs that the devoted and determined teachers who were negotiating a new Anusara would succeed. It is seems clear now that they cannot, and that whatever arises anew must emerge outside of any domain over which John has influence or control.

It is not clear what will happen next. I move into the unknown with the deepest commitment to my students and to teaching whatever I have learned and continue to learn that can be of value to them. I look forward to contributing my creative energy to what will happen next, not knowing what that will be.


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