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“The class I attended with my sister, brother, daughter and niece was a highlight of my Rangeley week. We all loved it! My brother felt taller and… stood up straighter in his 6’5” frame! My sister’s troublesome hip and ankle were greatly relieved of discomfort. My niece said she was breathing easier. My daughter reported feeling ‘more alive!’ I appreciated feeling more connected with my authentic self, always a challenge in the midst of family time. THANK YOU!”

                                 Kim Chandler, Director, Innerlight Yoga, Newport, RI

“Karen Sheingold’s yoga teaching is wonderfully precise so that I feel as if I am relearning my own body’s alignment and uses of energy in different and surprising ways! Each session we focus on one or two postures. We go slowly and specifically so that both my body and mind get it! In only two months time I feel far stronger, balance is better, and no more leg cramps!!

                                                                                                 Caroline Loupe, Portland, ME

“Karen’s yoga is a thoughtful blend of tradition and creativity. Each class is grounded in hatha yoga asanas, explored with compassionate awareness of our own bodies in our own space and time. Each student can fully experience their yoga whatever their level of ability. Once a week, I join a group of like-minded people with a trusted teacher, knowing that I will be calmer, more grounded, and less isolated when we’re done. AND more flexible, AND stronger, AND more physically confident. Karen’s warmth and gentle humor is expressed in clear, precise instruction that encourages strength and self-respect as well as balance and flexibility. That kind of teaching is a gift.”

Lynn Nash, Westbrook, ME

I feel better after one of Karen’s classes than I do the rest of the week–grounded, calm, more present in the moment, mentally alive without being hyper or anxious. As we work on tight areas in yoga poses, Karen enables me to recognize unhelpful patterns and to find ways, not only in yoga but in daily life, to live more gently.

Helen W., Scarborough, ME

“Yoga?!  Are you kidding?  I’m 70 years old and retiring.  You seriously think there’s a rosy future for these sedentary old muscles? Well, that was two years and it seems like a lifetime ago.  How did I make it to 70 without yoga and without Karen?”

                                                                                   Gail Perlman, Northampton, MA

“Karen is an extraordinary teacher and her alignment-based style of teaching has had profound benefits for me…last summer I was able to raise my arm straight up for the first time in 12 years. Later I realized I was clapping joyfully at a concert…”

Farnsworth Lobenstine, Amherst, MA

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It’s April. We’ve seen the amazing eclipse of the sun. Let’s honor the earth and what is emerging.



Notice what is coming up and opening, in both wild and cultivated spaces. Consider what you can do with your own hands in the earth. And how it feels to be creating more beauty there.


Join me at Scarborough Yoga for my workshop, Yoga for Gardening, on May 11. Check out the details.


You are welcome to join my weekly classes.


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Come join me on the mat. My schedule’s here, and I am always happy to schedule private sessions in person or virtually.  

Yoga classes and private sessions make great gifts. Mother’s day is coming soon.


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