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In Search of a Yoga Teacher

When I first set out to find a yoga teacher…I didn’t know what I was looking for…, and there was no internet to provide me with more information than I could possibly absorb. Continue reading

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Packing Light

As I fold my slender pink yoga mat into the bottom of my suitcase, I think ‘it’s taking up so much space.’ Without it, I could pack another pair of shoes, that extra jacket, or even use a smaller suitcase. True, but who am I kidding? For years I have taken a mat with me wherever I go. Continue reading

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Level, shmevel!

Why does a yoga workshop that invites me to “ take your practice to the next level” make me cringe? Continue reading

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Time for Simhasana

On this crisp, clear morning, I walk into a nearby elementary school to vote. The long line of voters surprises me Continue reading

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The Real Table Pose

As I cleaned an old pine table a few days before my 70th birthday, I began to understand something about yoga and growing older. Continue reading

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Time Found

Time expanded for me one morning last week while waiting for a friend whose arrival time was uncertain. Continue reading

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The Road to Powerful Intentions is Paved with Awareness

In January of 2011, I thought of resolving to practice yoga for two hours each day, beginning at 5 am. Great idea!  It would feel virtuous to awaken before dawn, a daily practice would be ensured, and each day would … Continue reading

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Mooselook and the First Principle of Anusara Yoga

Here they come! The merganser ducks, dashing around playfully, their energy creating random patterns in the water. They race across the water and, skimming around in circles, make their way south. In a few hours, they will speed back north. They make me smile each time. Continue reading

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Practicing with Owl

On a Sunday afternoon in February, when there were still several feet of snow, I had just begun my yoga practice, facing the woods. As I moved from my first dog pose into uttanasana (forward fold), I looked up and saw a large human-like creature standing in a round crater on the incline in the snow facing me. Continue reading

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Yoga Becomes Me

At some point in my life yoga stopped being something I did and became part of who I am. As I look back on more than two decades of yoga practice, with one exception, there was no magical moment of transformation or realization. Quite the opposite. Continue reading

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