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Experiencing oneself as part of and in touch with the natural world.

So I Climbed Bald Mountain: What’s the Big Deal?

For the fun of it, I have climbed Bald Mountain at least once each of my thirteen summers in Maine…….Until late this summer, climbing Bald seemed optional—a nice thing to do, but not something I HAD to do. Continue reading

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I enjoy shoveling snow. It gets me outside during the winter, it’s aerobic and it’s practical. The shoveling keeps the long walk from my driveway to my front door clear and safe for my yoga students. And the activity is … Continue reading

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This is a week of beginnings–the autumnal equinox, the Jewish New Year, and, only slightly less momentous, the opening of the new studio space in my home. Continue reading

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Mooselook and the First Principle of Anusara Yoga

Here they come! The merganser ducks, dashing around playfully, their energy creating random patterns in the water. They race across the water and, skimming around in circles, make their way south. In a few hours, they will speed back north. They make me smile each time. Continue reading

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Practicing with Owl

On a Sunday afternoon in February, when there were still several feet of snow, I had just begun my yoga practice, facing the woods. As I moved from my first dog pose into uttanasana (forward fold), I looked up and saw a large human-like creature standing in a round crater on the incline in the snow facing me. Continue reading

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