As I walk outside on an exquisite, bright, almost fall morning, I am inspired by the beauty, energized by the light, and excited about the coming week. This is a week of beginnings–the autumnal equinox, the Jewish New Year, and, only slightly less momentous, the opening of the new yoga studio space in my home.

from my garden

The autumnal equinox initiates a beautiful time of year—the crisp air, the amazing harvest, the fiery colors. But it also marks the beginning of days with more dark than light. For me, the waning of the light is a reminder that I need to cultivate my own light, my own energy, to bring into being the changes in my life that matter.

The Jewish New Year is its own beginning. It ushers in ten days of awe, of contemplation of ourselves and our lives. It invites us to ponder the powerful metaphor of being ‘written into the book of life’ for another year. This holiday evokes in me awe for life itself, gratitude for being here.

Whether or not the Jewish New Year is part of your life, fall is often a time of beginning, not simply one of settling back into familiar routines. In fact, as I think of the yoga students I’ve spoken with in the last few weeks, all are making changes in their lives. Some of these are substantial—moving to a new location, home schooling a child. Others represent deeper commitments to values they have, to people they care about, including themselves, or to activities that are meaningful—volunteering time to a much-loved organization, studying a second language, incorporating a yoga practice into life in a foreign country.

The newly opened studio space in my home embodies my even deeper commitment to yoga teaching. The decision to invest the time, effort and resources to transform the space did not come easily. But now, having made the decision, and having done the required moving and reorganizing, the space itself offers me new energy. It is the energy of beginning, of looking forward, of taking risks, of not knowing. The smiles on the faces of my students when they visit the space for the first time make this beginning very, very sweet.

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