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Ancestral Guidance

As I watched my Aunt Pauline gear up for her sky dive at her 90th birthday, I looked at her thin, frail body and wondered whether she would make it back in one piece, or at all. Continue reading

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Time for Simhasana

On this crisp, clear morning, I walk into a nearby elementary school to vote. The long line of voters surprises me Continue reading

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The Real Table Pose

As I cleaned an old pine table a few days before my 70th birthday, I began to understand something about yoga and growing older. Continue reading

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This is a week of beginnings–the autumnal equinox, the Jewish New Year, and, only slightly less momentous, the opening of the new studio space in my home. Continue reading

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Into the Unknown

Throughout my life I have been cautious about making commitments, but once I make them I do not let go with ease. So resigning my Anusara-inspired status has come neither quickly nor easily. Continue reading

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Anusara Amaryllis

When my friend suggested that I name my amaryllis, I laughed, but strange coincidences caused me to reconsider. Continue reading

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Second Grade Yoga Teachers

Little did I know how much yoga I could learn from second graders, but as I thought about my day with my friend Gary Proulx’s class at PS 321 in Brooklyn, an enduring yoga theme–stability and freedom—was clarified. In yoga, we create a strong and stable Continue reading

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Time Found

Time expanded for me one morning last week while waiting for a friend whose arrival time was uncertain. Continue reading

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The Road to Powerful Intentions is Paved with Awareness

In January of 2011, I thought of resolving to practice yoga for two hours each day, beginning at 5 am. Great idea!  It would feel virtuous to awaken before dawn, a daily practice would be ensured, and each day would … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Story

The universe offers us gifts at surprising times and places. Only if we notice and appreciate them can we receive them. They change the fabric of our lives.
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