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So I Climbed Bald Mountain: What’s the Big Deal?

For the fun of it, I have climbed Bald Mountain at least once each of my thirteen summers in Maine…….Until late this summer, climbing Bald seemed optional—a nice thing to do, but not something I HAD to do. Continue reading

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Yoga Toscana: Not Doing My Best and Loving It

……with no official responsibilities, this week I would let go of ‘doing’ and shift into ‘being’, into noticing, experiencing, discovering and being open to learning. This challenging shift yielded deep and unexpected results. Continue reading

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Living Well with Yoga: three versions

Now, still a student of yoga and in my tenth year as a yoga teacher, I recognize that yoga has been transformative. Continue reading

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I enjoy shoveling snow. It gets me outside during the winter, it’s aerobic and it’s practical. The shoveling keeps the long walk from my driveway to my front door clear and safe for my yoga students. And the activity is … Continue reading

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In Search of a Yoga Teacher

When I first set out to find a yoga teacher…I didn’t know what I was looking for…, and there was no internet to provide me with more information than I could possibly absorb. Continue reading

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Let’s Not Make a Deal

Having decided to celebrate my nine-year-old grandson’s birthday by going to an adventure park of rope courses and ziplines together, I proposed to him that I would do—or try to do–whatever he could do if he would do—or try to do—whatever I could do. Deal? Deal! Continue reading

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Saraswati Comes to Mooselook

On this, the first trip I had ever made to Maine before Memorial Day, I saw ice on the lake for the very first time. Something intriguing was happening. Continue reading

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Packing Light

As I fold my slender pink yoga mat into the bottom of my suitcase, I think ‘it’s taking up so much space.’ Without it, I could pack another pair of shoes, that extra jacket, or even use a smaller suitcase. True, but who am I kidding? For years I have taken a mat with me wherever I go. Continue reading

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Level, shmevel!

Why does a yoga workshop that invites me to “ take your practice to the next level” make me cringe? Continue reading

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2012 was a year of transformation and affirmation for me. Continue reading

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