Private yoga sessions make a very special holiday gift for someone you love, including yourself.  These sessions can introduce someone to yoga, help someone refine a yoga practice, or help someone address health-related issues. These special rates are available only through December 31 and only for people who have not practiced yoga with me privately in 2017. Contact me to learn more and to place an order. The recipient will receive a special gift card.

Single one-hour session           $   68
Two one-hour sessions                 132
Three one-hour sessions              190
Four one-hour sessions                244

Private Sessions


60 minutes 75
75 minutes 85

Discounts for seniors (65+), full-time students or for 3 or more sessions paid for in advance, 10%.  Seniors or full-time students who pay for 3 or more sessions in advance, 15%.

Gift certificates available for any number of sessions in person or by Skype, for workshops, series classes and retreats.

24-hour notice is required to cancel a private session. 

Contact Karen to sign up for private sessions, as well as for information about sessions or classes in your home or workplace.